Galvanise Metal Decking (CFD Pan) & Shear Connectors

Galvanise metal decking, such as CFD 2 and CFD 3 is a versatile and sustainable flooring solution widely acknowledged to minimise onsite construction duration’s. Steel decking can be varied in design and will give more strength, flexibility and efficiency and will not twist and warp over time and is resilient to weather, moisture, time and pest deterioration.

Greater Resilience

The steel decking has superior corrosion protection with guaranteed minimum yield strength depending on the specification used.

Unbeatable Strength

When the steel and concrete composite slabs are constructed, they are lighter and stronger than most conventional slabs. The steel decking provides flexible reinforcement, combined with the comprehensive strength of the concrete, for an all-round stronger slab. The steel decking profiles are designed to inhibit any longitudinal slip between the steel and concrete in the slab itself, and any transverse movement between the slab and the supporting beams.

Simple On-Site Handling

The steel decking is transported to site in pre-cut lengths, and in pre-packaged bundles. These bundles can be easily craned into specific work areas, and the individual sheets quickly laid by hand.

Quick, Safe Construction

One advantage of metal deck steel flooring is its speedy erection. Another is that as the concrete slab is being poured progress is not hindered in other areas e.g. the floors above. RSSF Co. LTD., is also able to offer stud welding (shear connector) and closure plate (metal edge form) installation.

Ramchand Structural Steel Fabricating Co. Ltd is a premier installer of metal decking in Trinidad & Tobago and has worked on a number of prestigious projects. We believe in providing a high quality service from design to installation to realise our Clients’ requirements.

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